Ridiculous “Marijuana Goggles” That Are Supposed To Simulate Driving High

The marijuana goggles “Fatal Vision” are supposed to simulate what it feels like to be high – but they were created by someone who has never smoked weed before.



Fox 5 News Las Vegas did a report discussing the dangers of driving high after the recent recreational legalization in Nevada. The reporter decided to wear these marijuana goggles called Fatal Vision Marijuana Simulation Experience. They wanted to conduct an unprofessional experiment using marijuana goggles versus actually smoking weed. See how ridiculous their report was:


The reporter and police officer both decided to use the Fatal Vision goggles and a tricycle to test their cognitive abilities to maneuver through traffic cones. They didn’t do so well. The Fox 5 reporter stated:

“When you put them on, everything is kind of hazy. You can’t really see very well and you can’t tell how far away things are. So when I’m going to grab these handrails [on the tricycle], they feel like they should be out here [further away then they actually are]”

So according to their report, you completely lose clear focus along with your entire depth perception. They even attempted to shoot basketball in a trash bin while completely missing. So apparently being high doesn’t allow you to have basic hand-eye coordination.

The Fox 5 reporter closes her report with:

“I hear this all of the time, people think they can drive high. They say, ‘I’m a better driver when I’m high’. I wish everyone could do this:

The police officer responds with:

“And that definitely proves that they can not.”

We in no way condone the actions of driving under the influence of marijuana but the over exaggeration of this propaganda is outlandish.



Fatal Vision says their product is supposed to be “a hands-on awareness building tool that models the distorted processing of visual information, loss of motor coordination, and slowed decision making and reaction time resulting from recreational marijuana use”

“The purpose of the Fatal Vision Marijuana Simulation Experience is to give participants an understanding of cognitive impairments associated with creational marijuana use”

What are your opinions on the unfortunate anti-marijuana propaganda done by a credible news outlet?