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10+ Exotic Glass Pieces That Will Make You Quit Your Job To Become A Glass Blower

Exotic glass pieces are a stoner’s crown jewel. Some pieces can cost upwards to $100,000! If I ever paid that much, I would have that bong locked up in a maximum security vault with 3 guards on patrol at all times.

But you will understand how some glass get such insane valuations after realizing how much work and artistry goes into each one. Enjoy these exotic pieces that were compiled by Real Stoned Times.

#1 Namaste

#2 Electric Vibes

#3 Octo-High

#4 Screw You Guys, I’m Getting High


#6 Pre-Historic Stoner

#7 Dragon’s Egg

#8 Piranha Rig

#9 Out-of-This World

#10 Lava Lamp

#11 High As Space

#12 Red Skull

#13 Pothead

#14 Rainy Days