5 EASY Steps to Making the Classic Apple Pipe

There are two common mistakes that can ruin a weed smoker’s day, forgetting your lighter, or forgetting your smoking device.

We’ve all had the experience of getting your bud, your pipe or bong, and meeting your friends at your favorite smoke spot only to realize no one brought a lighter. To prevent this, I suggest keeping an emergency matchbook in your wallet at all times. It doesn’t take up much room, and has saved many a sesh in my experience.

Forgetting your smoking device presents a more difficult problem to solve, but this too can be overcome with a little creative thinking. Luckily for us, past generations of smokers solved this problem with a common, and delicious household item.

The apple pipe is made in several easy steps, and all you need is an apple, something to poke a whole with, and of course some dank bud.

Step 1

Twist to remove the stem, then poke a narrow tunnel down into the center of the apple. The stem area will act as your “bowl” so don’t make the hole too wide or your weed will fall through.

Step 2

Make another tunnel coming from the side of the apple towards the apple’s core, where it should meet with the tunnel you made coming down from the stem area. This is called the “lip” and is where you will put your mouth to take the hit.

Step 3 (Optional)

Create one more horizontal tunnel on a different side, this is similar to the last step, but this tunnel will act as a rush letting you take bigger hits.

Step 4

Load your weed into the bowl you made in the stem area, put your finger over the rush, your mouth over the “lip”, light the bowl, release the rush, and take that hit!

Step 5 (Optional)

Depending on how stoned you get, that pipe could make a delicious post-sesh snack.