How Do You Know If Your Weed Has Gone Bad?

Some people do not know that there is a shelf life for cannabis, or that after some time, it can go bad.

You probably aren’t used to imagine that weed would stick around long enough to go bad, but this can happen often in dispensaries. It is important to keep an eye out to make sure that you aren’t smoking mouldy weed or weed that has past its shelf life.

This is a simple guide on how to identify old weed that has gone bad so that you can always be smoking fresh buds!

Look out for weird smells

One of the telltale signs that cannabis is in good condition is by a nose full of that smell you love. If it is really lacking in smell, then you could be smelling bad weed. Also, if you smell musky or dewey smells, it could mean that there is mold happening. Smells are a good cue about what’s going on with your buds.

Look out for white fuzz

White hairy parts covering whole sections of buds could be an indicator of mold. Usually, if there is mold, you will see it growing in more than one place. It is white and usually takes on a whole mass.

Have a feel around

Everyone knows that good, healthy buds feel sticky and soft. They should not be hard or condensed and if they are hard to break up, it is a sign they haven’t been treated well. Buds don’t always go bad from getting old, but rather that they aren’t looked after well. If the flowers feel dense and packed together, it could be that they weren’t cured right. This can encourage mold to grow and for the buds to pass their shelf life earlier than expected.

Get in there for a tactile experience and break the buds apart. They should be soft or crumbly and should be sticky with trichomes.