Why is Blue Dream So Popular?

It’s amazing. Period. Blue Dream may be the quintessential strain of marijuana. The strain that distills the all best qualities you could want in one bud. It brings together so may good elements, there’s a little something for everyone on almost all occasions.

Blue Dream

When it comes to the checklist of what you want in a strain of weed, Blue Dream ticks off a lot of boxes. It’s very well rounded. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was crossed with the sativa strain Haze and the indica strain Blueberry. And it’s well known for its generous distribution of qualities from both parents.


It gives you an uplifting and energizing cerebral high while at the same time relaxes the body, all wrapped up in a state of euphoria. Perhaps this is because the THC content can reach upwards of 20%. It won’t give you the most intense high you could ever experience, but it’s certainly strong. Fantastic for novices and experienced tokers alike.

Smell & Appearance

The terpene profile is pungent and the taste is something else. It’s a nice mellow blueberry flavor with accents of earth and citrus. It’s almost like smoking a fine wine. Physically, the strain is not blue, but more of a deep green, coated with a lot of glittery trichomes.

Daily Uses

Medicinally, it’s good for chronic aliments. The relaxing and uplifting qualities make it particularly good for mental disorders like anxiety and depression. For chronic pain, this strain will provide immediate relief without the sedative effect that many other strains have. It’s good for fatigue, too.

Blue Dream is a great strain to smoke during the day. It’s also great for an evening toke. Before work or chilling with friends. Even while working on a creative project. It’s an all occasion type of bud and that may be the secret to why it’s so popular. It’s like the band everyone likes at least one song by, so everyone’s bound to have a good time if you’re passing this strain around in your next smoke circle.

Blue Dream is also nice for growers. The flowering time is pretty average, but the yields are outstanding. It’s as if the plant itself wants to bountifully supply the world with its great company.

One of the only drawbacks is it’s low CBD content. Which doesn’t make it ideal for conditions like cancer or seizures. Also weirdly, it’s an uplifting strain, so it may not be the ideal bedtime bud – maybe it’s more like Blue (Day) Dream . . . too cheesy?

So, there you have it. It gives you an uplifting head high, coupled with body relaxation and a touch of euphoria. It’s a good daytime, creative or hang out smoke that tastes great – for beginners or experienced smokers. There’s a little something for everyone.