Want to Grow Your Own Cannabis? Start Here.

  • Define Your Goals: Make sure that when planning ahead to always consider what you are lawfully allowed to grow.
  • Location, location, location: Get an idea of the logistics to your grow operation. (electricity, ventilation, water, etc.)
  • FUNdamentals: Mastering the fundamentals will significantly affect your output as well as your overall enjoyment.

Disclaimer: Real Stoned Times does not condone any illegal operations. Do so at your own risk.


Thinking About Starting Your Very Own Grow?

If there is one thing that is certain, its that stoners like to get stoned. After a while the cost of your recreational habits tend to leave your pockets light on some funds. Why not grow your own cannabis?  There is a low cost way to getting but it only becomes low cost after you start crunching some numbers are making it through some successful harvests.


When considering your goals, always have clear and defined goals. Going into the growing process, it’s imperative that always think about your end game. Are you someone with acres of land and would like to invest in some seeds and just grow for the love of growing? Are you a daily stoner that has a free bedroom and wants to grow a couple plants to lighten up his vice spending? Are you a dab head that needs to grow a lot of weight to run for oil production? You must be clear about what type of outcome you desire. Once you know where you are going it will be much easier to figure out how to get there.

Location For Your Cannabis Grow

Where will you decide to grow? After you have determined your goals you should have a good idea about how much space will be needed. Will the space be indoors or outdoors? Is there ventilation, or a means to ventilate (at the least to vent out)? Is there access to water? If growing indoors, is there access to electricity? When growing outdoors, make sure you own the land or, at the least, have the owner’s permission to grow there. The amount of space that you need for growing indoors should always be kept clean, keep all electrical items above waist-level and water below the waist.


There are three crucial ingredients that allow cannabis to live. As long as these three bases are covered, you are that much closer to a Grand Slam. You must learn the fundamentals of what must be provided in order to secure your investment.

Water: It starts with the key to life. There must always be access to water and applies, indoors or out. H2O allows plants to eat through the process of photosynthesis. Of course, not all water is created equally. Do you use distilled water, reverse osmosis, tap water? The truth is all water will allow your plant to feed and grow. There are tools that will help you better determine the quality of the water. Two extremely important factors to think about are dissolved solids in your water that can negatively affect your plants and then, the big daddy of them all, pH levels. There are reasonably price meters and kits on the market that allow to test and adjust your water properly. Although nutrients are also very important they aren’t necessarily something you will have to initially consider.

Light: Remember how we talked about photosynthesis? Through this process light is process with water to create sugars for plants to eat. Whether you’re growing indoors or out in the weather, there must be adequate light for the photoperiods to have all the access to light needed. Cannabis has two very distinct photoperiods (periods when light is being absorbed) called the vegetative (when the plant grow out to size before budding) and the flowering, or fruiting, stages. Both stages require different amounts light/dark ratios, and different availability of nutrients.

Air: to be clear this is not just about ventilating stall air out it’s also about allow fresh air into the grow area so plants are being allowed to breathe. After all, all living things must breathe. Air must always be circulating in and out.


Most people will ask, “Well, how much is this going to cost me?” Obviously money is not to be overlooked. I would like to remind you of the old saying, time is money. It is very true, the thing most new growers need to understand is that growing cannabis is very time consuming. You can virtually spend no money on growing (hypothetical situation: You find seeds in your stash, throw them in the back yard where its always sunny, when your lawn gets watered, the plants get watered) or you could invest in equipment (high pressure sodium lights, LEDs, timers ballast, pumps, A/C units, can fans, carbon filters, materials for constructing) either way you will need to determine your growing goals and it all takes time.


This is just the tip of the joint in things you will need to consider and learn about when it comes to growing primo dank buds. Hopefully this serves as a good jumping off point for you in your quest for self-sufficiency. Remember this is a process and can take a lifetime to master. With hard work and diligence you can reap the “fruits” of your labor.