High Sex Can Be An Incredible Experience With The Right Person

Even for those of us that are jealous lovers, there’s somehow always room for this third person in the bedroom. Of course, that person is sweet Mary-Jane.

Somehow, a threesome with this herb makes the sexual experience better for so many people. Men and women alike always testify to how much better high sex can be when you smoke or use marijuana beforehand.

Marijuana is well known to heighten sensitivity to basically everything.

In a lot of circumstances, people experience this heightened sensitivity as anxiety or paranoia. However, for lovers, that heightened sensitivity is welcomed. It can mean many things, form physical sensitivity, to a higher level of connection with your partner.

It is also well known that weed can sometimes help people drop their inhibitions.

If you’re about to enter the bedroom, those inhibitions might get in the way. Weed is able to relax the body and mind in such a way that high sex can be experienced with more freedom and sensuality. THC is also known to increase stamina and libido, which says it’s no surprise that weed users end up in the bedroom together.

Weed has always been a plant for lovers, and the 60s and 70s showed us that.

There is something about the marijuana experience that enables people to connect better and on more of a heart level. This is what allows people to have incredible sexual experiences when they are high. There is also some evidence to suggest that orgasms are more intense when experienced having high sex.

Okay. Not everybody feels this way. Some people think high sex is the sloppiest thing they’ve ever done, and swear by having sober sex. But most marijuana enthusiasts love the idea of smoking a joint before sex, and probably even after sex, too!