How To Use Your Male Marijuana Plants

Contrary to popular belief, male marijuana plants are not completely useless. For enthusiastic growers, there is an understanding of the importance of male plants for breeding. However, a lot of people kill their male plants straight away. It is important, to avoid pollination, that they are removed from the grow room where female plants are living. However, there’s no reason to kill them. There are many ways that they can be used! So before you go killing them, here are some great ways to use them.

Use them as companion plants

Marijuana makes a great companion plant because of its strong aroma. The terpenes present in marijuana are great pest control for other plants, such as potatoes, cabbages and other vegetables. If your garden is bigger than just marijuana, put your male plants next to your veggies as a natural pesticide!

Juice them

Even though male marijuana plants are not well known for containing huge amounts of THC, that doesn’t mean they aren’t rich in cannabinoids in general. In fact, male marijuana plants contain a multitude of cannabinoids. When you juice these plants raw and drink them, you’re body will thank you for it!

A strong father plant makes a strong line

If you are taking growing to the next level and really care about your product, it’s important to have a really good male around. When you find a strain you really like, having the male around encourages a much stronger line of the traits you like about that plant.

This becomes increasingly more valuable the more you grow, as the male plant can then be used as breeding for other strains.

In any case, think twice before throwing away your male plants! They can be used in a number of different ways, and killing them is purely a waste!