Weed Resin, To Smoke or Not to Smoke? That Is The Question.

Have you ever seen the black tar-like residue leftover after multiple smoke sessions? That’s weed resin and yes, it is smokeable.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If you’re out of weed and all you have is your weed resin, you may want to consider smoking it. But it’s definitely important to understand what you are smoking and the negative effects resin has on your health.

What is Resin?

Weed resin is the leftover residue that is caked onto your bowls after the weed has combusted. In fact, many plants will produce resin in response to injury. It then acts as a bandage from invading insects. In your case, you are the invading insect wanting to get a little high. So say sorry for violating weed the way you do.

Weed resin does contain THC but it contains much less than the actual bud. So, it takes a lot of resin for you to actually feel high. It will feel like a different high, but it’s a great alternative for when you are out of options.

But hold on, don’t grab your resin filled pipes just yet. You don’t even know if it’s good for your health.

Is Smoking Resin Bad For You?

Yes. Absolutely.

Smoking in general doesn’t really benefit your health, but weed resin is on a whole other level. If you were to inspect what resin actually is.. it’s tar. You’re smoking THC infused tar. So please keep that in mind before making the conscious choice to smoke your resin.

Occasionally smoking resin probably won’t cause too much harm, but don’t go around being a fiend and scraping your friend’s pipes for resin.

How Do I Get Resin?

All you need is an object that has the ability to scrape a surface. It will definitely become a messy process, but hey.. you want to get high. Here are a few tips to accumulate the resin.

  • Use your lighter and take a few dry hits to warm up the resin. It will become easier to scrape off.
  • Grab a bobby pin, paperclip, or a multi-tool of any sort to really dig deep and scrape everything off.
  • Need a place to store it? Parchment paper is a great non-stick paper that resin will gladly rest on without hassle. Totally not necessary, but great if you want to stay clean.
  • You can also boil your pipe to accumulate resin, but that’s a huge process. You might as well clean your pipe with rubbing alcohol and salt if you plan on doing that.

Now go out and enjoy your weed resin! Just a heads up, we don’t ever want you to smoke resin because of how unhealthy it is


But look, to each their own. If you need to get high and your supply is dry – go for it!