The Dangers of Laced Weed and What To Look Out For

Don’t panic. Be smart and know your weed. That’s all you have to do if you think you’re coming across laced weed. You don’t have to buy or smoke anything. This is your guide when it comes to looking out for laced weed.

Your Friend or Your Dealer?

Dealers don’t have a lot of incentive to lace their weed with more expensive drugs. Yes, it would make their stuff seem more potent, but it would cost them more money. And they’d potentially lose customers from it. From what I’ve heard, most dealers will be up front about weed laced with other drugs, and the price will usually reflect whatever’s in it.

Most instances I’ve heard about weed being laced with another drug have been buddy related. If they smoke you up with laced weed without telling you, it’s time to have a serious talk about boundaries or reexamine the friendship.

However, there are darker circumstances out there that you should look out for. Not every dealer is going to be someone you know well. There are some shady characters out there who do not care about you at all and just want your money.

These are the scumbags who will spray shit weed with diesel fuel to make it smell stronger or coat it with shards of glass so it looks like there’s more crystals. Imagine a lungful of glass shards! Fuck that. That’s not only devastating for the poor victim, but it’s bad for marijuana’s political credibility.

What You Can Do To Spot Laced Weed

The best protection is knowing your bud. If something seems off about the bud don’t buy it. Trust your instincts. If you’ve got suspicions don’t be afraid to call out your dealer or your friend.

Do what you have to do to test the weed. Take it out of the bag. Roll it around your fingers. Break up a nug. Smell it. Light it and see if it burns a funny color. If your dealer doesn’t let you check it out, you don’t have to buy it. That’s actually a big red flag.

Look At It: Hold the weed up and look at it. Ask yourself, do the colors look natural? It should look like a natural plant with subtle earth tones. If it has any bright colors at all, take a closer look. Does it look like it’s been sprayed or dyed with anything?

Roll it around in your fingers. Does it feel normal and sticky? It should be chunky and sticky. It shouldn’t be powdery at all. Even kief will stick to your fingertips. If it feels wet at all, don’t buy it. If you need to, rub it against a mirror or a cd. If there’s glass in it, the cd will scratch.

Smell It: Smell for earth tones and aromas. If it doesn’t smell natural, be wary. If it smells like chemicals, diesel fuel, gasoline or detergent, you’re in for a bad time. If you’re in a social setting, smell the smoke coming off the bowl or joint. If it smells like chemicals, don’t hit it.

Light It: If it sparks or flares up when you light it, that might look cool, but that’s not a good sign. It likely means the grower did not flush out the fertilizer before curing it. This has happened to me. If it burns more than it should or if it burns a funny color, this is not normal either, do not toke.

Feel It: If it tastes like aspirin, chemicals or just funny in general, if you don’t feel normal after smoking, your weed may be laced. For instance if you have way more energy than you think you should have, or you pass out, you hallucinate or feel numbness – I’d either stop buying from that dealer or have a serious chat with the buddy who smoked you up.

Above All

If you don’t trust it, trust yourself and pass on it.