Having Sex While High Is Better For Your Health

As humans, we are pleasure-driven beings. As adults, these pleasures tend to materialistic, monetary and sexual. Who doesn’t enjoy sex? Moreover, the stoner community will tell you that having sex while high or ‘stoned sex’ is exceptionally better than sober sex.

What is high sex?

Stoned sex is defined as a consensual sexual encounter between two or more individuals who are mutually under the influence of cannabis. Stoned sex can range from sensual kissing to the whole nine yards. Pleasuring tokers will often choose to indulge in weed prior, during and after sex. Stoned sex is not just a cultural enjoyment and delicacy but is supported by a scientific and philosophical understandings.

The science behind stoned sex

In a 2016 study conducted at New York University, researchers found that subject who were having sex under the influence of cannabis versus subjects who had sex under the influence of alcohol had far less negative effects. Considering the biological understanding of how alcohol interacts with the body and mind, sexual partners are prone to having a negative experience while having drunk sex such as vomiting on your partner mid intercourse. These types of adverse effects were not present in the subject who were engaged in stoned sex. Considering how THC interacts with the bloodstream, specifically in men, the production of testosterone is increased, which could have great effects on the libido and engorgement. Women also feel similar effects regarding an increased sex drive. So it seems the science attached to stoned sex is solid; the cannabis community also has an understandable philosophy behind having sex while high

The philosophy of having sex while high

The mood is set. The air is pungent and lustful. The two of you (or the group of you all if you are fun) are getting hot and heavy. Plus, you’re super stoned. The high THC content in the OG Kush burning in the room has produced the effects it is known to create after indulging: relaxation, anti-anxiety, and euphoria. With these effects in mind and affecting the parties involved, it is almost like a sexual and sensual synchronization. All the anxiety attached to sexual encounters are exhaled with the cannabis. This is what the stoner community enjoys. It is all these things that generate the accepted philosophy of stoned sex: getting high and having sex is simply amazing.