The Newest Trend of Cannabis Edibles

As cannabis is becoming legalized in more states in the U.S., medicated cookies, hard candies, brownies and chocolates are the latest trend. In Colorado, edibles comprise a sizable amount of the cannabis industry – 20 to 40% of overall sales. Some popular products include:

Hashman Infused Sativa Dark Chocolate 

Punch Bars


Day Dreamers Chocolates

Korova Black Bar Brownie

Topanga Harvest Mini-Muffins

Voodoo Sours Gummy Ribbons


According to the Buds and Roses Collective, a popular cannabis shop, senior citizens are the biggest consumers of edibles that are high-dose. Insomniacs and others requiring sleep aids also make frequent purchases of cannabis edibles.

The main reason for the popularity of cannabis edibles, is the convenience and ease of carrying. In the case of Colorado, while smoking cannabis in public places is not allowed, edibles aren’t a problem. A curious aspect of edibles is that it affects people differently than smoking cannabis.