Weed Science Behind Accessing Your Inner Creativity

Understanding this weed science can help tap into your creativity in a way that will allow you to take all of the parts of the world around you and spin them into something new and beautiful.


We still do not understand the weed science behind tapping into creativity. Some say that it is the relaxed state that weed consumption induces that gives them a chance to flow more freely with their art. It’s not such a farfetched idea when you think about.  No great masterpiece was created in a moment of sheer panic.

There are also scientists who believe that the cannabinoid THC is responsible for the surge in creativity after using weed. THC (the reason you get stoned) highly resembles a hormone in the body called Anandamide. This hormone is sometimes referred to as the “bliss” molecule. It gives you the feeling of euphoria when that receptor is firing. The hormone Anandamide may play a huge role in a person’s creativity. Ingesting weed is a way to mimic the work of this particular cannabinoid.


The complex chemical reaction that takes place after marijuana use can be considered an amplification of the brain’s power. Neurons fire at rates that we otherwise don’t experience. This translates into a creative web of thought patterns. For some, this sudden rush of thoughts and feelings becomes the reason for anxiety or social paranoia. However, for the most part human beings respond to this feeling by exercising enormous amounts of creativity.

Whether we know the science behind this phenomenon or not, so many artists testify to the way cannabis helps their art. In fact, marijuana has been at the root of so many artists that they sang songs and wrote books about the plant itself. How much creativity does weed give you?