The Girl Scout Cookies, popularly known as GSC, is a California grown strain, though certainly not limited to the Californians. It’s a pretty well-known Durban Poison Hybrid and OG Kush crossbreed. It has a very nice earthy and sweet scent.

If you’re looking to hit the highest levels of euphoria to just relax your mind, Girl Scout Cookies is definitely for you. This strain has won several Cannabis Cup awards in recent years, making it one of the most popular cannabis of modern time.

The GSC can be used to relieve stress among patients, but its side effects result in severe cottonmouth and dry eyes.

There are several phenotypes of the Girl Scout Cookies as well. These include Platinum Cookies and Thin Mint. The purple leaves with orange hairs on this strain, take more than 2 months to complete in the flowering process. This strain needs an indoor environment to grow properly. Once the flowering is finished, you’ll have an earthy and pungent flavored strain ready to lift you up.

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